GACD Implementation Science Masterclass

New for 2022, GACD are thrilled to announce their first Implementation Science Masterclass

The aim of the Masterclass is to develop capacity among implementation scientists and programme implementers in the methodology and science of scale up. The programme will use experiential learning through the development and refinement of a project concept to achieve this goal.

Each project concept will have two applicants from the same project team (‘the applicant team’). The applicant team will work together on the same project concept during the Masterclass.

The Masterclass will be delivered as eight live sessions across five weeks in May, plus pre-programme work, and homework between sessions. The Masterclass will be delivered online and in English.

Note: The aim of the Masterclass is not to coach participants in writing a grant application to GACD (or any other specified funding opportunity).

For further information, and to apply, please visit the GACD application page.

Eligibility criteria

Each of the applicants must fulfil ALL the eligibility criteria:

  • Mid-career researcher (5+ years of research experience).
  • Sound foundation in the principles and application of implementation science.
  • Has a concept for an implementation science project targeting scale up/out of a NCD prevention and/or management programme or policy in a low- or middle-income country or vulnerable population in a high-income country.
  • Has the support of their team leader (or line manager) to participate fully in the Masterclass, with full understanding of the time commitment which may or may not fall within normal working hours.
  • Agrees to open science fair principles and to share progress of project concept development with other participants during the Masterclass. (Please see:


Masterclass steering group and core faculty

GACD are delighted to be working alongside three experts in the field of implementation science to develop and deliver the inaugural Masterclass:

  • Lisa Hirschhorn, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, US
  • Mark Huffman, Washington University, US
  • Brian Oldenburg, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia

Other Masterclass steering group members

  • Morven Roberts, Chief Executive, Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases
  • Jenny Jung, Burnet Institute, Australia

Guest lecturers will be announced in due course.

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