3rd Implementation Science School Highlights

We held our first virtual Implementation School program towards the end of 2020 (3rd ISS). This was the first time that all of the faculty, facilitators, and participants were involved in such an online program. We are continuing to grow and improve this program over time. The highlights of the 3rd ISS are presented on this page.

Reunion Year

The GACD staff team has been in touch with alumni of GACD Implementation Schools since 2014. Since the 3rd ISS, the GACD has been piloting a ‘Reunion Year’ with the school alumni. This involves engaging the alumni in activities with each other, and more widely, for 12 months after the end of the training. Such activities included online reunion events and a closed LinkedIn group to facilitate ongoing networking and learning.

The ‘Reunion Year’ content and activities are being adapted in real-time in response to alumni feedback and requests.  


of all alumnus signed up




Specialist LinkedIn private group

6 hours

of live engagement including lectures

  • 5 lectures from 5 expert speakers (topics voted for by the alumni) were delivered. One final event to take place in late 2021.
  • 1 asynchronous online journal club was delivered over 5 consecutive days.

Watch the Recording of the “Reunion Year”:

Group Presentations from the 3rd Implementation Science School Trainees

A Mixed Method Approach to Evaluate the HIV Urban Board (“HUB”): A Novel digital intervention for Adolescents and Youth living with HIV to prevent multimorbidities in Low and Middle Income Countries

Community co-designed and led sharing circles: An intervention to prevent and address depression and anxiety in Chiapas, Mexico

Adaptation and Integration of the PEACE (PTSD Effectiveness, Assessment and Care Component) in the Friendship Bench program in Zimbabwe.

Integrating physical activity for the prevention and management of common mental disorders in people with type 2 diabetes in South Africa

Improving Physical Activity and Reducing Sedentary Behaviour Among Adolescents in Mumbai, India

Community health worker assisted, mobile app based, healthcare programme for people with cardiometabolic diseases.

Reducing Salt intake To Optimum Requirement

Multilevel intervention package for Prevention and Early detection of Tobacco related Cancers in Meghalaya, India (MiPE-ToC)

Adherence to Diabetes and Hypertension Medication in Odisha, India (ADHmed)

Trainees and Facilitators

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