CEBHA+/GACD Implementation Science Workshop

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

8 September 2022

Venue: To be confirmed

Hosted by CEBHA+ partner – Armauer Hansen Research Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


  • To introduce the art & science of implementation science
  • To introduce different theories, models, and frameworks
  • To build the evidence base for implementation science in CEBHA+
  • To discuss capacity building for implementation science in LMICs

Learning material

GACD Implementation Science e-Hub


 08:00-8:30Coffee and arrival 
108:30-08:45Introduction to the workshopPeter
208:45-10:00What is implementation Science?Brian
310:00-10:30Theories, models, and frameworks (Part I)Nasreen
410:30-11:00Theories, models, and frameworks (Part II)Peter
 11:00-11:20Tea break 
511:20-11:50CEBHA+ Case Study: IKT using EPIS (South Africa)Nasreen
611:50-12:20CEBHA+ Case Study: CVD risk screening protocol (RE-AIM)Kufre
712:20-13:00Q&A – panel discussion (?) 
813:45-14:30Use of IS for intervention planning, implementation, and evaluationBrian
914:30-15:00Building the evidence base in implementation science: A population / public health perspectivePre-recorded
1015:00-16:00Building capacity for IS in LMICs: The way forward?
Closing remarks
To be determined

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